5 Reasons You Must Book An Engagement Shoot

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I’ve had clients ask me a few times if the engagement session I include in my wedding photography packages is necessary; so I figured I should give you the top 5 reasons you must book an engagement shoot if you don’t already have one before your wedding.  Postpone the wedding.  Kidding (not kidding).

5 Reasons You Must Book An Engagement Shoot

Reason #1 – You Have No Idea What To Do

94.63% of people who come to me for wedding photography have never had more than the annual class photos done with a professional photographer so they have no idea what the heck is expected of them when it’s wedding day showtime.  I do my best to use the time to direct your poses, your facial expressions all while making sure you get authentic photos in a setting that might be sentimental to you and your soon to be spouse.

Reason #2 – I Don’t Know You

You booked me or your photographer because the price was right and you probably liked their vibe.  No connection, no shoot.  So we need to use this time to REALLY get to know each other.  That 2-3 hour engagement shoot will help me see your “good side” (I know I know, both sides are wonderful). I can also show you my technique to guide you.  By the time your wedding day rolls around, we will have chemistry and that will show in the photos.

Reason #3 – Show Your Fiance That A Photo Shoot Can Be Fun

Let me be 100% transparent, before I was a photographer, I could care LESS about doing engagement photos. “Can’t we just show up on the wedding day and get like 6 or 7 pictures then?” I now would answer myself and say, “No you cannot Sheldon of 2006.”  I am going to make what COULD be a boring task of fake smiles and making out with your soon-to-be spouse while some dude points a camera lens in your face, into laughs, jokes, sharing stories and hanging out while a bunch of photos are taken.  This is mainly for the fellas, so I engage them a lot and get them involved.  Keeps them interested so we get buy-in from them leading to happier photos. (It’s not that hard fellas, I’m giving you another opportunity to love-up your lady!)

Reason #4 – Camera Selfies Just Won’t Do

In this selfie era of look at me taking a picture of me, it’s easy to forget the value of a good quality professional picture.  I had a client NEARLY use a dim, blurry photo for the Save-The-Dates!!! Noooooo! They undermined the value of an engagement session. I swooped in like Star Wars hero Finn and rescued their Save-the-Dates! I will be replacing that Dark Side photo with a professionally edited, hi-resolution photo which is ready for print or Facebook use. The Galaxy can thank me later.

Reason #5 – More Photos For You Mr & Miss Fiance

700-900 wedding day photos absolutely is not enough. Add another 30-40 on top of that in a different setting.  My job is to make your photo selection for your albums and Thank You Cards and gift prints REAL tough!  Not to be mean, but I just want you to love all of the photos so in this case, more is better.  These photos will be shared for and possibly beyond your lifetime, why not have more than just the wedding day. Gross your kids out with a picturesque moment of Mommy and Daddy kissing and squeezing each other playfully down by Lake Ontario or the Toronto Music Garden.

These 5 reasons to book an engagement shoot should open your eyes to never question the importance of the pre-wedding day photos.  I have no problem being dragged all over the Greater Toronto Area to get the perfect pre-wedding pics!

If you can think of any other reason to do engagement photos let me know in the comments.

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