Hey there, I’m Shel and I photograph people’s best moments

Few things about me

I love photography, that’s why I’m called the Photosapien.

Now that that’s out of the way let me REALLY tell you about me.
I love the Lord. I am Husband to one great Wife, and Father to 2 children plus 1 child thru World Vision. I try and read whatever I can regarding photography.

My favorite Photographers are Susan Stripling, Ross Oscar Knight and Joey Lawrence.

Physically unable to share Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or chocolate fudge brownies so don’t ask.

I want HBO to bring back the 2nd greatest show ever, the Wire.

I’m a tad slow out of bed, but I’m always in a good mood even before breakfast.

Our annual vacation dilemma: beach vs urban. Let the Wife decide.

I’m still ‘nervous’ when I see the Wicked Witch on the Wizard of Oz but I’m certainly not scared of her though.

My dream shoot is to be all alone on the sidelines at the Super Bowl; preferably when the Steelers play.

My awesome skills

I’ve somehow remained tat-free. There are zero tats on this virgin canvas.
I should win an award for my snow shovelling skills.
I’m without a doubt, the best driver you know.

I’ve mastered the art of short term teleportation. It’s like I’m in NYC when my Knicks are on TV or in Pittsburgh on football Sundays.

Ability to make you laugh
Crowd Control
Street Smarts

Want to work with me?

When the music stops, guests go home or when the moment in time is over, all that’s left is the memory.
Let me capture that moment.

hire me!

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