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Clayton & RJ’s Toronto Wedding

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The one thing I do love about being a wedding photographer is that I get the opportunity to sometimes meet people for the first time, on the best day of their lives and see them party with 50-400 of their favourite people.
It’s great to watch the Bride and Groom grow as a family when they keep in contact and invite me to shoot maternity photos and under special circumstances baby photos; although not my favourite thing. A true honour. [NOTE: I love PLAYING with babies, not photographing them per se.  Blame the drool, snot bubbles and urine].

This type of growth is a beautiful thing but this wedding is different.

I’ve watched this Groom, Clayton, grow up from being a boy to a man and get married. In that order.
This outstanding young man has always shown maturity beyond his years, and always been respectful.  His talents on the keyboard are amazing.  His choice in Wife is also excellent.

I am proud and grateful for the opportunity to capture their big day celebrating their commitment to grow old together.

Enjoy the memories below.

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SI the “Watching Em Grow” Photosapien

Hotel: Howard Johnson in Scarborough
Church: Rosewood Church of the Nazarene

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