Are Maternity Photos Fun To Do?

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Maternity Photo pregnant lady looking at her baby bumpMaternity Photo Pregnant Lady with husband in a parkMaternity Photo smiling husband looking at baby bumbMaternity Photos pregnant woman at a parkPregnancy photo of wife and husband looking at cameraMaternity Photo husband kissing wife in a parkPregnancy Photo Wife Husband HuggingBy my astute calculations, September/October babies come from all of that Christmas holiday and January-cold-Winter-locked-in-the-house type of lovin.  That right there kids, are the birds and bees.  Somewhere in between the fun and the delivery is when you should schedule a maternity photo shoot.

From what I have witnessed from a distance, nothing is fun when you are big belly pregnant except maybe your cozy couch and a delicious triple scoop ice cream cone with a greasy fries chaser.

I know a photo shoot might be the furthest thing from your mind once you no longer can tie your own shoes or even see your feet but maternity photos are an important documentation of the way your life USED to be.  Kids flip everything upside down in a good way (if that’s possible).


I enjoy maternity photo shoots.  They are slow paced because the Mom-to-be is carrying 30-40 extra pounds in front of her.  Slow is good. I do enough fast paced shooting at wedding photo shoots.  It’s like sports, sometimes I love the speed of basketball, and other times I like the methodical pace of baseball.  Both are good.


The only kids are usually the ones in the belly so there are no shoot halting for temper tantrums, dirty noses or bad behaviour.  Just a man, his camera.  But as I’ve said before, I LOVE kids; just not always really young ones on photo shoots.  I can work with the ones in the womb.


By now you guessed that I like maternity photography but this isn’t about me (is it?).  Carrying my camera is nothing compared to carrying that baby I get it.  So, my job is to make the shoot be as relaxed and accommodating as possible.

I’ll make sure you laugh, walk as little or as much you are comfortable with and have about as good a time you can have considering the circumstances.

That being said, I was honoured to capture photos of the Kings at this amazing time in their lives.  1st child in the oven and it’s almost go time!

And yes, poop or no poop, I am willing to take photos of the little muffin when she/he is born.

Enjoy the maternity photos from our session at the Ajax Waterfront Lakeside Park.

Maternity Photo Wife Holding belly Maternity Photo Husband smiling at pregnant wife Maternity Photo Husband Wife kissing Maternity Photo Husband Wife Sitting on park bench in Ajax Maternity Photo husband and wifes touching baby bump Maternity Photo happy couple huggingMaternity Photo Wife holding belly Pregnancy Photo Husband whispers to wife Maternity Photo husband kissing wifes baby bump Maternity Photo smiling couple Pregnancy Photos husband kissing wifes baby bump Maternity Photo couple looking at the beach Maternity Photo couple looking at each other Maternity Photo couple looking at camera Maternity Photo pregnant lady looking at her husband Maternity Photo pregnant lady laughing Maternity Photo pregnant lady holding husband in ajax park Maternity Photos couple walk at beach Maternity Photo couple kiss at beach Maternity Photos couple walking on beach Maternity Photo happy couple kissing at the park Maternity Photo happy couple laughing at the park Maternity Photo pregnant woman at the beach Maternity Photo pregnant woman at the beach in Ajax Maternity Photo pregnant woman at the beach  Pregnant lady on a beach Happy couple holding baby hat smiling Maternity Photo baby hat on mothers stomach

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