My Camera Loves Her

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As a photographer, there is always one or two people that my camera absolutely LOVES.
The reason Candice, my Canon camera, loves a few people is because they cannot in any way shape or form, take a bad photo.
I could sneak up on them with no make up on, hair not touched, their teeth not brushed after 3 days of no sleep and it would even matter. You get my point but they have a gift.
Nadia Goode, lead singer of Echoes of Praise, is one of those people and my latest photo of her is no different.

She effortlessly stands in front of my lens and strikes a simple pose and BAM, magic.

For the other 98% of people who may not knock it out of the park on the first try, fear not, I will help you with your wardrobe, direct you how to pose and where to look during our shoots.  My camera doesn’t HAVE to love you to make it happen.

Nadia is the exception.  Don’t be jealous.

SI the “YES my camera has favorites” Photosapien

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