Remembrance Day 2015

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Selfless. Brave. Patriotic.

Those a just a few words to describe anyone who has or is serving in our military.Marines-Hat

I had the honor of shooting a wedding in Maryland in which the the husband to be was a Marine.  It actually took me a while to fully comprehend the sacrifice he and his wife to be make every day so that he can protect America’s freedoms.

I cannot imagine getting pushed to my physical limits to LEARN how to fight and survive in harsh elements.
Imagine having to leave the comforts of home to travel to foreign lands for months and sometimes years.
Imagine that your only interaction with your children or spouse is via Skype other online media.
How hard must it be to realize that every time you leave your base that you or your military brothers/sisters might not return.

I can’t imagine.

Thank you for the bravest of souls who protect us from harm.
Rest In Peace to those who died in combat.
Prayers go to families who lost or have to go long periods without seeing Mothers, Fathers, Sons or Daughters who are in the military.
A prayer of strength and comfort for those who have returned from war scarred or traumatized.
We honor all of you.


One day to remember and the moment of silence to recognize the years they put in to train, travel, fight is the LEAST we can do.

Do you have family members or have you yourself been a member of the military?  Let me know your experience.  Or if you just want to send our military friends a ‘thank you’ message on this Remembrance Day, do so in the comments below.

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