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Trash The Dress Photoshoot In Jamaica

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Have you considered doing a Trash the Dress photoshoot the day after your wedding?

Let’s face it, after trying your best to keep your gown and suit 100% clean all day during your wedding, would it be fun to just let it drag, get it dirty and not worry about any of it while getting more photos?

Groom kissing Bride under the palm tree in Jamaica


A lot of the time, your beautiful wedding gown that you spent a pretty penny on, not to mention, got adjusted 4-5x before your big day, may NEVER get worn by you again.  We should just wreck it for a good cause.


Imagine, you’re in your gown and suit (minus the tie and suspenders) and now you get to kick off those tight heels, run in the sand, lean against that awesome brick wall, even splash you spouse of 12 hours in the water and get great pictures at the same time.  It will make you and your dry cleaner very happy.


OK, so we’ve turned that gorgeous bright white dress into a wet, brownish mess.  His once pristine suit is now creased with the Bride’s dirty hand print on his butt. But now you have amazing art that not only looks great as a canvas enlargement on you wall at home, but would be a great final image in your wedding album.  When you show off your albums and wall art, people will have a million questions because it is still not all that common to see a Trash the Dress shoot.

Bride and Groom Trash the dress in Montego Bay Jamaica Bride and Groom on the Beach in JamaicaBride and Groom sitting by the poolGroom sitting in the Lifeguard's chairTrash the Dress Shoot Bride Smiling on the beach Bride and Groom laughing during Trash the Dress photoshoot in Montego Bay Jamaica Black and white photo of Bride and Groom Trash the dress in Montego Bay Jamaica Bride and Groom kiss on the beach during Trash the dress in Montego Bay JamaicaBride and Groom hugging by the pool barBride and Groom Trash the dress in Montego Bay Jamaica

Hopefully I have given you something different and fun to consider as a final photo option before you pack that dress away or sell it on Kijiji.

If you are looking at adding a fun element to your wedding package, please contact me and we will discuss your options.

The Venue For This Trash the Dress Photoshoot

The beautiful backdrop for this Trash the Dress shoot is provided by the Hotel Rui Montego Bay.
his 5 star all-inclusive resort has professional courteous staff and you can relax either poolside or on the beach.

SI the “Let me destroy it for art” Photosapien

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