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How I Use My Photoshop Skills for Good

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You know in the movies when two characters are marvelling at the evil protagonist’s superhuman genius and they proclaim, ” If he would only use his powers for good.” Well, that’s me, I use my photoshop skills for the good of man and womankind.

You know what’s incredible about photoshop? NOT the fact that you can swap in your photo with a celebrity and pretend you met Kevin Hart on the set of his new movie. NOT that you can take 9 years off your life and add 30 lbs of muscle for your Plenty Of Fish profile. No, it’s the ridiculous amount of time it takes to LEARN photoshop to do these things well.

This is what separates man from professional photographer. Photoshop skills.

My clients know that I can retouch a photo and clean up a background, remove that zit that popped up 3 hours before your portrait session. I can make sure baby Suzie looks good in the family photo even though she cried for 99.3% of the picture taking time. I have swapped heads before, I’ve even swapped eyes from one photo to another. And I’ll do it again.

One thing about making these types of precise edits to your photos is remember to have patience because it does take time.  Sometimes, I can spend 60 minutes on a single photo to make it pop.  Superhuman speed doesn’t apply in that situation.

Just know that hiring a professional photographer means you get a retouching technician who can enhance your already wonderful photo and make it magazine cover worthy!

Here are some images I worked on for a client who was updating his About Me page for his physiotherapy website rebrand.  This is what happens when you combine a photo, a stock background image and super photoshop skills:

Smiling Man Sits

Brick Background


SI the “Retouching Crusader” Photosapien

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