Your Event Photographer Would Appreciate It If You Don’t Invite These People To Your Party

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I love being hired to be the event photographer for parties when a certain type of individual is not on the guest list.

This individual single handedly can bring down the entire mood of a happy event.  They have the power to make jovial people irritated beyond belief.  These people can, without a care, destroy property and make NO concessions to pay for the repairs.
They are grouchy, germ carrying, kill-joys that can possibly make an event photographer’s life hell.

We all know a few of them and they are the smallest humans, children.
Other than at these events, kids are great.  Let me explain.

I love kids, I have a couple which belong to me, and I know numerous others in my friends and family circle. BUT, they can be a bit needy, or uncooperative during an event.  They seek attention any way they can get it and this is very taxing on people who are ready to do group family photos.
Kids, don’t pay attention to the photographer and distract the person holding or nearest to them. Click, the camera takes a photo of a finger in the nose, and 10 people trying to dislodge three fingers from said nostril.  Great.  Retake after retake, this could go on forever.

Kids sometimes, don’t behave, or care to smile or just care to be in pictures.  Usually, that’s how adults act only after a few too many drinks.  So I try to get most of my non photo booth shots before the alcohol starts flowing at wedding photo shoots.

I was hired to be the event photographer for an all you can eat and drink summer event in Toronto.  Yes you heard me right, free food and drinks.

Depending on the crowd, all you can eat and drink might make adults act like kids.  Loud, angry and uncooperative.

But this was different.  People came to eat, drink and be merry.  Mix in some soca, calypso, reggae and 90’s hip hop and RnB music and you have a proper adult party; the kind that allows me to take good pictures.

These photos are another example of adults behaving properly in the summer.  People left bad attitudes at home with their kids.

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